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about us

I was a Nurse for 20 years, a stay-at-home Mommy for 9, then my sister, Olivia (my brother's wife), became pregnant. I wanted her to feel loved and to make a heartfelt gift for her when I heard the good news of my new Nephew's eventual arrival. First thing I thought of was homemade, natural body butter. She is young and beautiful, and I knew she wanted to avoid stretch marks and dry skin. 
So, I began researching, gathering all kinds of ingredients and made a good recipe that I gave to both of my sisters. They absolutely loved it. They each told me to put myself out there and start a business because they said everyone will love it. 
I started Dragon Butter from my kitchen, working late into the night with my mixers and spatulas, trying to perfect my concoction. Between my husband, son, pets, friends, housework and my nanny job, I found the time to explore my passion which is researching ingredients and whipping up the creamiest, most luscious, dry
 body butter and oils. My husband is my biggest supporter and worked so hard to help me develop the business side of Dragon Butter and I'm forever grateful for him and his efforts. 
We hope you love our products as much as we do. 

Much love, 


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