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Resculpting Cream

We've all been looking for the fountain of youth...  It has finally arrived!


After months of testing, we are proud to introduce our Resculpting Cream, an ultra-hydrating, intensive firming and resculpting anti-aging cream.  This cream is formulated with two collagen and elastin boosting ingredients and Dragon Butter's own oil and butter blend.  A true "miracle product" that tightens, firms and hydrates the total body silhouette, eliminates and redistributes fat cells and promotes muscle growth.  This cream also creates a barrier, protecting skin from environmental pollution and free radicals. Dragon Momma uses it every day to stay younger looking


What is the secret?  Two groundbreaking ingredients that take the original body butter you love to the next level.


  • A bio-active marine organism extract that:

             - mimics the effects of endurance training

             - improves tone

             - redefines the silhouette

             - effect is increased when coupled with excercise


  • Mushroom extract blend that:

             - boosts mitochondrial metabolism

             - promotes the development of muscle fibers

             - decreases the expression of fat genes


Trials have shown tighter, firmer facial contours, a slimmer jaw and neck line, reduced arm sagginess,  smoother tummy and thighs and reduced body weight!  It is safe for all skin types and provides visible results in three weeks.  Continual use shows no decrease in effect over time.

Resculpting Cream

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